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Getting the opportunity to work with such an established chef as Simon Martin at the now Michelin Star awarded restaurant Mana, based in Ancoats Manchester is one we ran at.

Not only was his team impeccably professional, but it also had a very relaxed atmosphere and the food was truly something of an experience, to say the least. The video production we had lined up for Mana was an informal, three-part mini web series, which shows the restaurant in all its professionalism even prior to their official launch.

With any video, there were many aspects that we had to consider, the fact that Mana has an open kitchen, made picking up audio for interviews a little tricky. Apart from that, the Mana team helped to make the video production run as smoothly as possible.

Watch the mini-series in its entirety below...

Mana: Clients

Mana - Episode 1

Mana - Episode 2

Mana - Episode 3

Mana: Video Player
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