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The Best Food Hashtags for Instagram 2020

The Best Food Hashtags for Instagram

The hashtag can be a very useful tool to draw attention to your food images on Instagram or to find posts of your favourite foods and recipe’s. Using hashtags is particularly beneficial for business accounts as they assure your posts are going to be seen by a wider audience, rather than solely being viewed by your current followers. Here is a list of popular hashtags you could use for your posts, don’t be afraid to use more than one. Hashtags are used most effectively when grouped together.

231 Million Posts

With over 167 Million posts and rising, #foodporn, is hands down the most famous food hashtag on Instagram. It hosts a salivating variety of every kind of food you could think of.

54 Million Posts

You would think that this tag is attached to similar posts, however, I have found that the food is bigger, cheesier and you guessed it, foodgasmic.

797 Thousand Posts

Following this tag will not only fill your feed with food, but make you want to fill your stomach with every scroll.

394 Million Posts

An obvious choice, however, whether you are searching for food posts or using hashtags on your own post, you have a strong chance of finding what you’re looking for and your post is guaranteed to be seen.

6 Million Posts

Are you someone that has a refined interest in food? Is cooking and eating a hobby rather than a chore? If yes, you’re a foodie and this tag is for you!

42 Million Posts

Aren’t we all?

173 Million Posts

Due to its simplicity this is another popular tag. It is easy to remember and is attached to a great variety of food, you can’t go wrong using it on your posts.

1.3 Million Posts

This tag is attached to videos of meals being presented and eaten by professional accounts. They all appear to be delicious!

5 Million Posts

A great tag to use for sharing food you have tried at restaurants. This is extremely beneficial for restaurants as it provides them with further exposure.

246 Thousand Posts

If you like cute and arty snacks this is the tag for you. From rainbow yoghurt to pink pasta this hashtag makes you feel like you have stepped into a restaurant in Wonderland.

310 Thousand Posts

Scrolling through posts with this tag will leave you watching short step by step videos of meal prepping. This tedious activity is made fun with simple but yummy meal ideas for your busy week ahead.

611 Thousand Posts

A selection of easy to prepare and easy to cook meals. This is a great tag for anyone looking to rustle up something quick and simple.


84/156 Million Posts

Just a whole lot of yummy food! Staring at these photos for too long is sure to make your stomach growl.

4 Million Posts

Meat and towering burgers are the most common posts on this hashtag.

1 Million Posts

Feast your eyes on this creative collection of foods and desserts, something is bound to take your fancy.

2.8 Million Posts

A way to share the food you have put on your own table or explore the creative ideas of others.

131 Thousand Posts

This hashtag is all about presentation, showcasing professionally cooked and prepared food.

3 Million Posts

A mix of videos and wonderful photos of food that is sure to interest your taste buds.

111 Million Posts

#Delicious may be a very simple tag, however, it can be used on a variety of food posts whether it’s used on professional accounts or just casual food posts you want to share with your followers.

550 Thousand Posts

A tag used by chefs to showcase innovative and beautiful food.


96/27 Million Posts

Whether you’re a true vegan or vegetarian or just like to cook plant or meatless based meals on occasion, this tag will shed a light on the possibilities and variations of cooking these dishes.

31 Million Posts

Learning about cooking and baking gluten free can be very important for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerances. Even if you suffer from neither studies have shown many health benefits to eating gluten free and is something worth checking out via the hashtag.

47 Million Posts

Clean eating is more prominent than ever due to a trend in healthy eating. This tag provides a variety of posts that avoid using processed and high sugar ingredients to make delicious and healthy meals.

3.6 Million Posts

Just like mama used to make, but even tastier looking. This tag seems popular with meat, rice and pasta dishes.

253 Thousand Posts

Living sustainably is the future and certainly worth looking into. By following this tag, you will be able to view meals made from ingredients that have been grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Such chemicals have a detrimental effect on biodiversity and the environment.

195 Thousand Posts

A great tag to use to look up what people are growing and eating seasonally in different countries and climates.

362 Thousand Posts

Growing your own food can be a fun and cheap way to stay healthy. There’s a great sense of reward and achievement from using ingredients you have grown from scratch in your meals.

118 Thousand Posts

This tag always leaves me with food envy and is a nice way to share and to see what people have eaten on their travels.

2.7 Million Posts

Are you on a food fuelled holiday or just taking a trip to your favourite restaurant? If yes, then use this tag to share the delicious food you’ve eaten with your followers.

#(name of food/recipe/ingredient you’re looking for)

A pretty obvious choice to tag your posts with, but obvious is vital when wanting to draw attention to your food and recipe’s.

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