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Do you offer discounts or schemes?

Do you offer discounts or schemes?

Yes, we do! We offer 3 different discounts that can!... Yes can!... work in conjunction with each other.

We offer discounts for the following - Eco-Friendly, Locally Sourced and Start-Up, each discount worth 5% off. Please see our About Us page for more information.

Do you need a start-up video? A video for your locally sourced company or even an eco-friendly video? If your all 3 even better. You can save money with our discounts.

TasteBudds know how tough it can be as a start-up and we know most start-up companies need a promotional video and engaging video content.

We take our hats off to all who make a concerted effort to be eco-friendly.

Our team loves to see local produce showcased by a business when possible and in turn supporting local businesses — showing off what beautiful produce is available in your local area.

We find all three of these issues high on our priority list so we want to do our bit and give back where we can!


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